About the Book

Great Escapes: Northern California is an award-winning travel book filled with weekend getaways and day trips from the San Francisco Bay Area. Thirty chapters -- each with suggestions for dining, lodging and activities -- are designed for planning trips to major destinations such as San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, or to lesser-known areas, including the Gold Rush towns of the Sierra foothills and isolated stretches of the Sonoma coast.

The book was awarded a silver prize in 2009 in the guidebook category from the Society of American Travel Writers' Western Chapter. The judge called Great Escapes: Northern Califiornia "a study in defining your audience and delivering exactly what you promise: ideas for people who have time only for a day trip or, at most, a weekend, often on the spur of the moment. Nimble and portable, it doesn't try to be an encyclopedia but, as the author says, 'an assortment of possibilities.' With remarkable range for its slim 192 pages, it scores a direct hit, deftly covering the most important sights, injecting a bit of history and offering ideas for active pursuits as well as more languid exploration. Highly selective lodging recommendations manage to cover the price spectrum and focus on local character (kudos, too for suggesting alternatives to recommended B&Bs, which trigger claustrophobia in some travelers). The author rises to the challenge of paring down worthy sights and activities in this over-endowed region and manages to take readers beyond the obvious....I stand in awe of the author's ability to endow the necessarily terse descriptions with some personality and palpable local flavor."

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